Friday, February 17, 2012


We like Valentines Day!!! We (the girls and I) had fun making valentines for Paisley's preschool. Paisley wrote her name on all of the Valentines and thought it was so neat :) And Charlotte enjoyed watching and trying to help :) Wes and I were able to go out on a date. We haven't had a lot of time together since he's been studying so much;(which is good that he's studying, i know!), so we really enjoyed our dinner without trying to referee kids at a restaurant ! We had a great time, and got to laugh a lot :) (Thanks Amie for babysitting!!) We had a seriously fun week.

(I love how Paisley is wanting to write and SPELL OUT EVERYTHING!) She's really great. Aunt Heidi helped Paisley make a Valentine for Wes and me :) It warmed my heart.

Here's the house we live in! We love it- We love having a yard to play in! And Wes loves having a lawn to mow and water :)

Our sweet funny valentines...


We never dress up except for church, so after our valentines date, Wes wanted Amie to take our picture :) ANd Paisley wanted to be in the picture :)

Life is pretty dang good.
the wrights

Thursday, February 2, 2012

J-a-n-u-a-r-y... in tank tops :)

So we've been here for 5 or 6 weeks now. I can't believe how quickly time has gone. I feel like we just got here. We've been so busy. Wes started work and is studying for the Bar. It's intense. The girls and I are busy doing you know, what we do.

Wes and I are the Sunbeam teachers in our ward! We love it. I really hope they keep us there forever. We have 7 boys and 1 girl in the class. Cutest ever. Not to mention , all the great stories we have after Sundays at church :)

Paisley is in Preschool two days a week. Tumbling once a week and dance once a week. She's a busy girl that needs to be kept BUSY. We're so proud of her and the great girl she is. She is such a big helper and she's learning a lot. She loves riding her big girl bike outside. We go out as much as we can to enjoy the sunshine. Paisley hasn't quite figured out how to turn corners with her bike. So whenever she gets to the end of the street, she gets off her bike, picks it up and literally turns it around to come back the other way. What a funny kid. She keeps us laughing. Her imagination is so wild- she has a pretend boyfriend who she "pretend texts" and "pretend calls" frequently. I don't think I like it too much :( She is still our free spirit girl. Love her love her.

Charlotte- HOLY DISASTER!!!!! Yes, she looks sweet doesn't she? Well, she IS sweet. HOWEVER, she's turning over a new leaf and coming into her own. She is into everything like a typical 19 month old. But I'm just not used to her being so wild. I thought when she was born, "oh good, a sweet chubby little rolley polley. She's going to be my calm child after Paisley."... wrong!!! She's just as spicy as her big sister. Heaven knows she has to be to keep up with her. Charlotte will NOT sit in a stroller, grocery cart, carseat.. NOTHIN! She wants to be OUT and running everywhere. Recently, she's been sick. Bouts of asthma and breathing issues again. Struggle. Getting over that, but she's now allergic or sensitive to something so tomorrrow we have a dermatologist appointment. Bless her sweet heart. Her sweet, crazy heart. Oh we love the sugar. Something super cute right now is that she is OBSESSED with SHOES!!! She wears our shoes around the house all day long. Especially my high heels :) And at Grandmas' house she goes shoe shopping in her closet. So dang cute! These girls are our whole LIFE!!! WHat would we do with out them.

I thought by this point I'd have it all figured out, down pat you know? Well, I don't. We are learning constantly and trying to do our best!!! Some days I wonder how we made it through that day, but we always do. At the end of the day, it's always worth it.

peanut butter faces, stinky feet, dirt under fingernails, rash bottom, scraggle hair, hot mess!!! I would not change a thing. love you forever :)


Christmas was Merry AND Bright in Arizona...

Since we moved literally the week before Christmas- - - I'm not killing myself over NOT having our camera on Christmas- ok I kind of am :) I'm pretty sure I put the camera in a real safe place that I knew I would remember after making a 3 day trek across the midwest. I guess I forgot where exactly that 'real safe place' was. Anyway, so I was able to get a few pictures with my moms' camera while at my parents home on Christmas day.

Looking back, it's kind of been a whirlwind, what am I saying.. It still is a WHIRLWIND trying to figure everything out and still settle in :)

Christmas was perfect though. We had church that morning in our new ward, which we love. Then we were able to spend time with both families seeing as we are just seconds from both families! We're so lucky. We spoke with all THREE missionaries that are out right now. My brother Cameron in the Philippines, Wes's brother Gart in Mexico and Jack in Brazil :) What a Christmas delight.

We are truly blessed beyond measure. More posts to come- I found my camera after Christmas :)

These pictures are all in random form- - but here they are:
Paisley, Cousin Andilyn, and Charlotte
Charlotte riding a bike at Nana's on New Years Eve
Little cousins playing!

Christmas at my parents :)
(Mom is so excited for my brother to be home in a few months-she loves it when we're ALL together :) HANG ON MOM!!!! )
Sugar with her Christmas dolly

Paisley being so cute :)
Christmas was so fun with the girls being excited to see if Santa came :)

Love this one :)

Sunday, January 1, 2012

we made it. we really made it!!

We've had a busy month. Busy BUSY!! We moved 2 weeks ago. It's been a blur- Wes's mom flew out and got our girls and took them back to AZ (which was amazing of her to do for us). We really appreciated that! And Wes drove the Penske truck and I followed in our Camry. I can't believe I drove that far ! Two days later, we made it to Mesa! I still feel like we are on vacation, staying in someone else's nice home, and soon we will just head back to NE. It's so strange that we are here to stay. We are so excited. Wes started his job this week and we've just been settling in! OH ya, and there was CHRISTMAS in the middle of all of it! We had a great Christmas. Surrounded by our family and loved ones; so wonderful.

Here are some pictures(COMPLETELY out of order) from the last couple weeks- Christmas will be the next post :)


Saturday, December 3, 2011



We had a great Thanksgiving. I'm so grateful for all of my blessings!! Thanksgiving day was beautiful. Absolutely perfect weather. We played outside and let the girls run ;) We found some pine cones and climbed some trees... ("we", means the girls btw.) :)

Pic.1: Paisley literally "soaking" in the sun- haha. Um, we are NOT in California dear.
Pic.2: Paisleys' Turkey she made at preschool! It's so cute.
Pic.3: Wes dancing with Sugar. He often dances with the girls, just because he rocks! xoxo
Pic.4: Paisley took this pic of A&W. It think it turned out perfect; blurry and all. Full of love.
To end Thanksgiving, I did a little shopping with a couple of favorite friends :) We hit up Walmart... AAAAHHHH, and Old Navy. It was really fun and I hope we do it every year! woohoooo!!!! let Christmas begin...