Thursday, February 2, 2012

Christmas was Merry AND Bright in Arizona...

Since we moved literally the week before Christmas- - - I'm not killing myself over NOT having our camera on Christmas- ok I kind of am :) I'm pretty sure I put the camera in a real safe place that I knew I would remember after making a 3 day trek across the midwest. I guess I forgot where exactly that 'real safe place' was. Anyway, so I was able to get a few pictures with my moms' camera while at my parents home on Christmas day.

Looking back, it's kind of been a whirlwind, what am I saying.. It still is a WHIRLWIND trying to figure everything out and still settle in :)

Christmas was perfect though. We had church that morning in our new ward, which we love. Then we were able to spend time with both families seeing as we are just seconds from both families! We're so lucky. We spoke with all THREE missionaries that are out right now. My brother Cameron in the Philippines, Wes's brother Gart in Mexico and Jack in Brazil :) What a Christmas delight.

We are truly blessed beyond measure. More posts to come- I found my camera after Christmas :)

These pictures are all in random form- - but here they are:
Paisley, Cousin Andilyn, and Charlotte
Charlotte riding a bike at Nana's on New Years Eve
Little cousins playing!

Christmas at my parents :)
(Mom is so excited for my brother to be home in a few months-she loves it when we're ALL together :) HANG ON MOM!!!! )
Sugar with her Christmas dolly

Paisley being so cute :)
Christmas was so fun with the girls being excited to see if Santa came :)

Love this one :)


L said...

"Stupid Wes. I miss that guy." That's what Griffin said when he saw your pictures. Haha... we really do miss you guys!! Its so fun to see updates. Paisley looks JUST LIKE ASH in the close up of her in her princess dress. LOVE YOU!!

Kyle and Reesie said...

Oh is so sweet to see these pics of you with your family. And you are home now! I know it is crazy and everything thinking that you are settled now and can really start into life instead of having it seem very temporary. It is crazy to think that is coming up for us too. Your beautiful littles are growing up and looking so much like you! There are a few pics of Paiz and Char smiling when I am taken back by how much they resemble you and your smile. Yours is just the powerhouse of beautiful girls :) We love and miss you so much it hurts...